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Ernst Witt, Paul Bernays, Helene Weyl, Hermann Weyl, Joachim Weyl, Emil Artin, Emmy Noether, Ernst Knauf, unknown person, Chiungtze Tsen, Erna Bannow

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Concerning the dating of this photograph see the commentary by Christophe Eckes and Norbert Schappacher.

From left to right: Ernst Witt; Paul Bernays; Helene Weyl; Hermann Weyl; Joachim Weyl, Emil Artin; Emmy Noether; Ernst Knauf; ??; Chiuntze Tsen; Erna Bannow (later became wife of Ernst Witt)

Location: Nikolausberg (near Göttingen)

Author: Artin, Natascha (photos provided by Artin, Natascha)

Source: archives of P. Roquette, Heidelberg and C. Kimberling, Evansville

Year: 1933

Copyright: Natascha Artin

Photo ID: 9265

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