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The Oberwolfach Photo Collection -
Photographs of Mathematicians from all over the world

The Oberwolfach Photo Collection is based on Prof. Konrad Jacobs' (Erlangen) large collection of photographs of mathematicians from all over the world. In the 1950's Prof. Jacobs started to make copies of the photographs he had taken and donated these copies to the MFO. In 2005 he transferred his whole collection completely with all rights to the MFO. The collection also contains a lot of pictures taken by Prof. George M. Bergman (Berkeley), whose pictures were scanned by the MFO and added to the database in 2010/11.

Since about 1998 we take photos from every single group visiting Oberwolfach and so try to continue this excellent collection.

We are interested in further enlarging our collection and would very much appreciate it to receive additional photographs, like for example of well-known mathematicians or of events interesting for the mathematical community. Since we want our collection to be as complete as possible, a relation to Oberwolfach is not compulsory. For that reason we would like to invite those who are interested to support us in our efforts to provide us with photographs (either conventional or digitized), or to inform us about potential sources. Appropriate photographs will then be added to our collection. We do not claim a copyright, but we need the authorization that allows the publication of the photographs and the transmission to third parties for scientific needs only. Additional information and corrections concerning the photographs we have published are most welcome.

The online-version of the collection is presented in a minimized format. Publishing Houses or researchers wishing to use some of the photos within a publication are requested to contact the MFO to get the original version, provided that there are no outstanding copyright problems. In case of a publication we should appreciate to receive a complimentary copy of the respective book or issue for our library.

Copyright Information / Disclaimer

The Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach gGmbH (MFO) owns the copyright to most of the images used on this website. Those images labelled with "Copyright: MFO" can be used on the terms of the Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany.

We cannot guarantee that there may not be outstanding copyright problems. We also cannot guarantee that there is no invasion of personal privacy. However, liability claims against the MFO in respect of the content of this website are in principle ruled out provided that there is no provable culpable intent or gross negligence on the MFO's part. In case you have information on rights of any third party, we kindly ask you to contact us.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to all persons who have been providing photographs to the MFO.

In particular we wish to thank:

Special thanks go to Springer-Verlag Heidelberg for helping to organize the digitalization of the photos.


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