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Eero Saksman, Franck Barthe, Matthias Hieber, Bernard Leclerc, Jean-Benoit Bost, Gerhard Huisken, Felix Otto, Martin Hairer, Andreas B. Thom, Annette Huber-Klawitter, Jean Bertoin, Joachim Schwermer, Friedrich Götze, Monique Laurent, Daniel Huybrechts, Viviane Baladi, Thierry Coquand, Sebastien Boucksom, Catharina Stroppel, Stephan Klaus, Tristan Rivière, Thomas Schick, Endre Süli, Rupert Klein, Philippe Gabriel Michel, Benjamin Sudakov, Sara van de Geer, Dietmar Kröner

On the Photo:

Occasion:Sitzung der wiss. Kommission

Annotation: Scientific Committee

Location: Oberwolfach

Author: Lein, Petra (photos provided by Lein, Petra)

Source: MFO

Year: 2019

Copyright: MFO

Photo ID: 23595

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